Gabriel Civita

Carinn Mariani and Amaral Cunha, Grade 13

Ms. Mariani, what’s your favorite thing about Amaral?

Oh, em, gee… Everything! Totally. Period. Okay, my favorite thing about Amaral is that, and this is my serious answer, he’s detail-oriented. He’s a doer. He makes things happen. He comes in and he says, “Okay, I’ve got this huge plan for what we’re gonna do”—this is like while I’m grading papers—”and it has to be done by tomorrow and it’s gonna take 17 hours to do it, GO!” He forces me into action. He’s funny.

Amaral: But everytime I come to this office and I say, “Cari, you won’t believe, I have a new idea!” and she goes like, “Oh my god, NO, don’t say that!”