Yes, I can: Obama’s comedy chops

We’ve all dreamed of having a president who could care less about the media and his image. On April 25, at the 2015 White House Correspondent Dinner, Obama became an American hero. Heavily criticizing the government at the very event meant to celebrate the people who report on it, he addressed many rumors regarding himself, while highlighting the news’ general lack of credibility.

Public polls in 2012 estimated that almost 20% of citizens believed that Obama was a Muslim. Fox News also once falsely reported that Obama was opening a Muslim museum. As politicians seek to win the battle for office, media sources have recently provoked rumors amidst talks with Iran, making theories based upon theories in order to sustain the most ridiculous of arguments. In response to all these, Obama cleverly stated “Being president is never easy. I still have to fix a broken immigration system, issue veto threats, negotiate with Iran, all while finding time to pray five times a day.

Obama, early on, took the opportunity to answer if he had a bucket list for his last quarter as president. He quickly responded with a brilliant take on the lack of action on pressing issues by Congress: “Do you have a bucket list? I say, well I have something that rhymes with bucket. Immigration executive action? Bucket! Stricter climate rules. Bucket!”

The comic duo Key & Peele have in the past done a skit showing the anger behind the president’s seemingly calm statements. So for this event, Obama called his “anger translator,” Luther (Keegan Michael Key), in order to help him deliver some points. However, the translator needed to stop Obama when he got a little too aggressive. Obama talked about dried-up California, and Hollywood actors needing to come to the dinner just to get a glass of water. He began to refer to how all “serious scientists” were talking about climate change, and cited how, in recent years, America has had some of its hottest days. He got so upset (jokingly, but not so jokingly) about Congress—yelling at them about throwing snowballs at each other—that Luther had to tell him he no longer needed an anger translator.

He also made references to Ted Cruz’s funding, as well as poking fun at the unnecessary amount of fear brought upon the public regarding Ebola. In reference to Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, Obama said,  “Apparently people really want to see a pot-smoking socialist in the White House. We could get a third Obama term after all.”

It is quite refreshing to witness such a turn in how to approach the American public. It would be interesting to see Hillary Clinton following Obama’s lead, and it would be even greater (or worse), if the candidates of 2016 were voted on based on their hilarity, as the Rio de Janeiro clown, Tiririca, was. Perhaps the best quote of the night was, “Those Joe Biden shoulder massages are like magic. You should try one.”

Sources:, NPR, Washington Post