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Luis Wolfrid
Wolfrid is spill a human bean and continues to make unpearable cheesy food buns. Influenced by the great E.E. Plummings, he consumes research and then synthesizes the individual pieces into a greater reese's (reese's pieces). His pickle this year will be managing to accomplish his video reporting goals, as his mouth will always be filled to the brim with petit gateaus (speaking won't be peasy.) Following his philosophy "screw abdominals, this tastes phenomenal", he was kicked out of the stews writing section due to his difficulty of getting out of a chair and had to resort to a video camera to continue his journalistic passions as a junior.

Luis Wolfrid, Videographer

Nov 03, 2015
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Jun 04, 2015
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Hitler’s tropical adventure (Story)
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Sep 28, 2014
MUN interviews with advisers (Story)
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Palestine and Israel: reunited brothers? (Story)
Sep 03, 2014
Malaysia Airlines profits plunge (Story)
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Luis Wolfrid