Credits: Gengiskanhg via Wikimedia // Creative Commons

Credits: Gengiskanhg via Wikimedia // Creative Commons

After the release of Google’s Cardboard Plastic and Ikea’s Bookbook, new innovative products tailored for students are being developed. Scientists from all over the world have worked to make each student’s school experience progressively better with these new advances.

Recall the struggle of being in math class and having to move your hands to arduously punch values into your calculator? With the Mindulator, that will no longer be the case. This revolutionary product contains the brand new Neurons 4.0 that allows you to input values without having to move from your comfortable position. In addition, forgetting your calculator will no longer be an issue as the Mindulator is imbedded inside your head. You can take it with you everywhere without even having to think about it. It is also waterproof for as long as you can hold your breath. Now, you can do your equations even if you are soaking in a nice bath. The best part is that you’ll never worry about batteries again; the Mindulator charges automatically as you sleep. A common complaint about the product is that it may sometimes be inaccurate in its answers, but if that is your case, simply download Practice 2.0 and it should become progressively more accurate. Thanks to the wonderful company who developed the Mindulator, Genetics Co., this innovative technology is 100% free.

The next invention will revolutionize the way students are taking notes: The Notebook Plastic. It comes in several different colors, prints, and sizes to best fit each person’s need. If you download its application, Pencil, you will see that it comes with a personalized font for every individual. The Notebook allows its users creativity never to be constricted again because of formatting rules like in the computer. The application Pencil may write anywhere in the page following perfectly your hand movement. If you make a mistake, simply use your hand to turn the Pencil around and you will have the E-raser, which allows you to delete any line. For the people who want to make sure no one can delete their work, the purchase of the application P.E.N. is recommended. The P.E.N. comes in a large range of colors and allows for permanent work. Need to find a passage quick or mark it for later? The Notebook allows you to use its program High-Lighter to mark any length of text with bright colors. The best part is that all applications and programs mentioned previously work in any Notebook model you have. Never worry about charging cable, mid-class internet crashes, or pesky formatting. The notebook is free of all those for a very affordable price.

Finally, years of research now give students all over the globe the best way to stay organized throughout the year–not the reminder app on your phone or the post-its in your computer–the Agenda 2.0. The Agenda 2.0, like the Notebook, comes in all sorts of prints and sizes to best fit each individual’s needs. It is also compatible with all the applications used in the Notebook allowing for an easier and cheaper use. To use the Agenda 2.0 is very simple; all you have to do is open it, find the date, and write. The best part about that feature is that it allows you to quickly browse between days with absolutely no lag. Like the Notebook, the Agenda 2.0 requires no batteries, allowing it to always be available for use. The item is also slim and pocket-sized, allowing the student to take it anywhere.

These new advanced products follow the return of the vintage style, making them familiar and seemingly old-school.

Easy to use, affordable, and stylish, these new products are what every student needs to improve their studies.

— Bruna Piccin