The Talon

Bruna Piccin
The senior, Bruna Piccin, is known for being an extreme morning person despite it being a monday and for eating very slowly during lunch meetings. She has been in the Talon for three years now slowly climbing her way to the top through late nights of writing, hyperactivity, and overfeeding her fellow talonistas with treats. She is now an editor-in-chief together with Luana and Joel. Using (what she thinks is) humor as coping mechanism for stress, she hopes write several other satirical articles poking fun at her senior year misadventures. When not writing, you may find her rambling about how amazing her pet fish is and how turtles are truly the greatest wild animal in the world. She dreams of one day being able to swim among these majestic creatures and feed them copious amount of turtle appropriate treats.

Bruna Piccin, EIC

Mar 26, 2017
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Bruna Piccin