The Importance of Relaxing Spaces at Graded

Over the past few weeks, Graded students have been left disappointed and irritated by the temporary disappearance of student-exclusive locations due to the school’s massive construction jobs. During community time, these were areas in which friends could move around freely and interact with each other. As such, students are now angry that these locations are being torn down and rebuilt.

In the interviews The Talon conducted, a big outdoor area with enough room to move around, talk, and, of course, relax is an all around favorite. It is also important to have more than one of these spaces, because they are often loud and cramped due to ongoing construction and a large concentration of students. The amount of students in our current limited spaces makes it hard to partake in physical activities during community time.

Besides, many of us enjoy being in quiet spaces to read or perhaps even finish an assignment. These spaces meet a vital need all students have. Furthermore, an overlooked detail is that studying with other people is incredibly useful. For example, when a test is approaching and you don’t understand something, other students facing the same situation can help. Therefore, the so-called “common area” goes far beyond the idea of just relaxing, it can also serve to promote a collaborative student environment.

Despite many people’s disappointments, it’s safe to say that we still do have places dedicated to relaxation. Some students say that we don’t need to worry about this apparent “crisis” due to the availability of hammocks, benches, tables, the Student Center, the field, and the outdoor parking lot. Nonetheless, we are still forced into cramped spaces compared to what we could access before. Even so, Mrs Cope told The Talon that after the construction is complete, there will be a big, open, green, and relaxing space. Thus, even though we will have to wait for this new area, it will eventually be an ideal space for relieving ourselves from the day-to-day stress of High School. According to  facilities manager Renato Fabiani, the plan is for the gap between the field and the A-wing (or more commonly known as the Senior Lawn) is to “build a big garden, with many kinds of places to stay, to rest and to play.” Not only that but this space will have hammocks and other attractions that will appeal to students. Another addition that could be utilized by students is the new gym. The new gym will include air-conditioning, retractable bleachers and even a wi-fi system making it so that students can not only play sports to relax, but be comfortable by sitting on the bleachers and talking to friends (especially on hot days). Moreover, the gym is going to be relaxing because it “can be used for classes and for many others leisure activities.”  

Although it may seem like a long time away, these new places will be worth it. Take advantage of this time by play board games or join clubs during Flex time. For the time being, remember that the lack of these precious spaces is only temporary!