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Anita Benito, Features Writer

If for some reason you’re binge-reading all of The Talon’s bios, you may realize that most of the writers find creative and intuitive ways to introduce themselves... Anita is not creative. She racked her brain for weeks, and came up with absolutely no ideas to make this introduction fun and different. Oh well. At least she tried. 

This is Anita’s third year at The Talon and second year as a Features Writer. She's either in a constant state of writer’s block or is too lazy to get started. Why is she a writer for the Talon, you may ask? The world may never know. 

When Anita’s brother was introducing his sisters, he labeled Anita as “the boring one”. She was utterly offended because it was utterly true. 

In her spare time, Anita indulges herself in reading since she has nothing better to do than swoon over characters and talk about them as if  they were real. Anita has a partner in crime —a parabatai, if you will Chiara Sitchin, who is also a Talon Features writer. They are like James Potter and Sirius Black in the sense that they share exactly one brain cell, and don’t even use it. Anita also plays the Cello, and although she may not be very good at it, she loves annoying her family members as much as possible. You can tell she’s a very considerate person. Sometimes she makes very poor decisions, like learning Italian so she can confuse it with her Spanish and Portuguese, as a way of keeping her life interesting.

Well, that’s it! There’s truly not much else to say about Anita.

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Anita Benito