Graded’s Construction Updates and Their Benefits


Over the past few years, there has been much construction around Graded. Although most of the projects won’t be complete until the second semester, there is a lot to be looking forward to. For example, the new gymnasium will soon be open and, along with it, will come new sports, such as tennis and swimming. After an interview conducted with Renato Fabiani, I was able to find to construction plans for the new gym. The new gym will include two multi-sport courts that will have incomplete infrastructure such as air conditioning, retractable bleachers, electronic scoreboards, professional sound system, led lighting system, official wooden floorboards and a wifi system. A feature that will be useful for Graded events is the connection gate that will be between the new gymnasium and the students centre.

Another new edition the the gymnasium will be the pool area. The pool area and the gym will be separated via an acoustic wall. The infrastructure for this the pool will include: “solar heating system, official touch pads, official scoreboards, professional sound system, led lightning system,  environment humidity control.” This pool will also have six swimming stingrays, to allow for competitions. This new pool will come as a huge advantage for the swim team, seeing as they won’t have to leave Graded to practice. On the roof of the new gym, there will be a total of three tennis courts which can be accessed through elevators. Hopefully, there will soon be a new tennis team for Graded. Finally, the new gym all the support spaces required such as locker rooms. The new gym will not only be used for practicing sports, but “also for relaxing because it can be used for classes and for many other leisurely activities.” Overall, this new gymnasium will surely support the new and old Graded athletics teams. Renato Fabiani says, “These new spaces will be much better than the old ones and certainly with open a new era in terms of sports for Graded Students.”  

Another thing students are looking forward to is the new library. Although we will all miss the old library and the memories that accompanied it, the new library is still something to look forward to. In an interview with one of the librarians, I found out that the new library will be very modern and will only have one floor! It will also have a lot more natural light and will have more room for new books. The library is going to have more of a modern style, that will appeal to students more.

Although the construction is taking a long time, and seems to be making sure that we know it’s going on (especially in the english classes), it won’t be long before it’s all over and we will have the whole Graded back again. Despite almost all of these changes finishing in the second semester, the wait will be worth it. Just remember: If you’re ever feeling impatient, you can check out the freshly laid sod from the A wing!