19 Things I Miss About Graded


Source: Instagram @gradedschool

With COVID-19 (coronavirus) transforming our homes into a strange combination of the Graded Greens, the cafeteria and the classrooms, I, for one, miss school. I don’t mean the stress and responsibilities, but rather my friends, teachers, after-school activities. I’m hoping I’m not alone when I say that I miss school, so in light of my optimistic hope that you, reading this at home, also miss Graded, here is a list of the 19 things I miss about Graded since COVID-19 took over: 


  1. Hearing “SENIORS!” at the end of Mondays’ Assemblies. 
  2. Mr. Butler hanging by the fruits during breaks – followed by either a sarcastic comment, an attempt to speak Spanish or a cheerful greeting. 
  3. Hanging out in the hammocks or the swings with friends – whether it was sunny or freezing.
  4. Taco Day. 
  5. Seeing athletes wear their jerseys on game days. 
  6. Hearing everyone that’s presenting in Assembly start by saying, “Hey guuuys, so..” 
  7. Seeing people make TikToks anywhere, literally anywhere.
  8. Hearing Ms. K and Ms. Hughes laugh together (friendship goals much?)
  9. Buying pão na chapa at the Snack Bar. 
  10. “Studying” at the library with my friends. 
  11. Mr. Griswold singing – especially Mamma Mia. 
  12. Seeing lower schoolers run around or talk about how they are “Now United’s biggest fans!” 
  13. The conversations during the last ten minutes of the last block on a Friday with a teacher and classmates.
  14. Mr. Pierce always wearing checkered shirts and Mr. Altman always wearing a tie. 
  15. Hanging out by our lockers with our friends during break. 
  16. Seeing Seniors shave each others’ heads on the Senior Lawn. 
  17. The never-ending bake sales. 
  18. Hearing Maggie announce, “PGC!” every Tuesday. 
  19. Safe to say pretty much everything. 


It’s kind of funny, no? How at school we always want to come home and have more time, but the second we get that, we realize all that we lose. As we go to school away from school, I hope you reach out. Reach out to your mates, to teachers, to old friends, to distant family members. Whoever you choose, just do it, because the thing we’re all missing the most is human connections but with the technology we have, it’s not all bad.