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Marina Senderos

Marina Senderos, Editor in Chief

First as a freshie writer, then a sophomore editor and now a junior Editor-In-Chief, Marina, also known as Nina, is more than excited to be a part of The Talon for her third year! Having a history with POV, Marina will continue to be engaged with it but will also now be stepping into the Entertainment world! Alongside her favorite fellow MUNer and EIC, Olivia Peixoto, Marina is ready for another year of thought-provoking, insightful, and inspiring articles from The Talon. But outside her writing time, and for the most part inside in isolation, Marina loves to bake, read, exercise, watch the same four Netflix series and help others. You’ll often spot her drinking from her yellow Hydroflask and Zooming into class with bad WiFi, but in the Graded hallways, she’s most likely chatting with her friends way too loudly and anticipating lunch as she checks the menu! Fluent in Spanglish, spending more time at home has given Nina an opportunity to fine-tune her vocabulary and her mix of languages mid-sentence, but all the articles you’ll read from her are either in Spanish of English, not Spanglish (gracias Pepe)!

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Marina Senderos