Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!


I love teamwork. In school, I enjoy collaborating on whatever task our class is working on to improve. If I’m in Chemistry, I love to discuss with my classmates and teachers what I can do better in my projects. If it’s an English essay, I want to know what punctuation error I made, a quotation I could have used, a body paragraph that can be fleshed out, or a question to start exploring.  If we are working on a short story, how can I make it more interesting? For my other subjects, the same rule applies. I show up for X-Wednesdays and ask for help during that time. Just like the astronauts from Apollo 13, I feel that success is achieved by collaboration. No matter who you are talking to; a second pair of eyes lays the groundwork while your hands build the house.

This idea of teamwork is essential for us to have a joyful and harmonious life. It could help a student do better on their retake as it strengthens their understanding of a subject. It could spark a new friendship when helping someone with homework, create deeper bonds with teammates or even help discover your passion. I remember when I played softball at Little 8, stepping up to the plate to bat was a thrill.  But what was most motivating were my teammates. They watched me and helped me improve my swing both during practice and during games. “This one’s for them” I would think to myself.

Teamwork and its irreplaceable value came to mind the other day as I was scrolling through Disney+ and came across the short movie Burrow. Made by Pixar– the famous studio whom some of you might know for making Ratatouille, Up and Monsters Inc, amongst other great movies– I knew that I was in for something special with Burrow. I pressed play.

This short features the story of a little rabbit who wants to build her burrow but having just moved in, our protagonist has no idea how to start construction. After an encounter with one of her neighbors, she starts her journey to build her home. The animation is so beautiful; hand-drawn, and honestly, fit for an art gallery. This short film is sure to fill anyone’s living room with joy. In addition, Burrow also consists of incredible music, featuring full orchestral arrangements playing in the background throughout to set the mood and guide viewers through this charming neighborhood.

While I can’t say what happens as I don’t want to spoil it,  I can assure you that Burrow provides a useful blueprint for success. This short film helps us visualize just how important teamwork really is. Whether you’re spending the weekend with friends, at school finishing a project or engaging in one of your hobbies, the message is consistent across the board and the film is definitely worthy of your time. The next time you are working on something, you’ll undoubtedly remember; teamwork makes the dream work!