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Diego Cortese, Entertainment Writer

Books, man, that's a word Diego sure has strong feelings for. For those of you who don't know him, he's Diego Cortese, rising sophomore, Talon newbie and the guy in yellow in the picture. Diego is otherwise referred to as "Biggy" or "Big". This is his first year writing for the high school newspaper. He's sure that it'll be a blast. Anyways, he loves literature. Diego is a big believer in the power of books. He believes that a book is the one of the only objects in the world that can allow someone to "travel" without actually purchasing an airline ticket (nerdy, right? But absolutely true). He will be writing for the Entertainment section this year. Biggy also loves Jazz; drinking tea whilst listening to Jazz is his personal happy place, and of course, a book has to be involved. As for Diego's favorite book genres, he really likes fiction and adventure novels. He enjoys stories that have a message or lesson at the end. As for Biggy's life philosophy,  he believes that life should be lived to the fullest, with both zest and optimism.

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Diego Cortese