Your Non-Exhaustive IB Crystal Guide

Illustration by Avril Maffei

Illustration by Avril Maffei

Crystals – nothing more than atoms arranged in a lattice structure… or something … which come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and textures. However, as any self-proclaimed witch knows, each different type of crystal holds a unique significance, helping the owner achieve certain goals, tune in to different vibrations and align particular chakras. Although scientists have stated time and time again that crystals have only been proven to work through the placebo effect, IB students are under an insane amount of stress – enough stress to try absolutely anything. This is why the Talon has compiled a list of the top five crystals to help every IB student reach their full potential, whether that is through the power of suggestion or not.


1. Rose Quartz

This particular stone is extremely common within the witch or spiritual community, and is often thought of as a basic or “starter” crystal. Though this crystal is usually used in the field of romance (as it is a helpful tool for the manifestation of love), it is also incredibly handy for the stressed IB student. Rose quartz promotes self confidence and reduces stress and tension, which makes it perfect to have around when cramming for a summative. Moreover, this crystal is also great for harmony in relationships and promoting forgiveness, which can be quite useful in those moments where friends or partners bicker due to their aforementioned insane amounts of stress. 


2. Green Jade

If you were zoning out whilst reading the description above, wake yourself up because you’ll want to hear this: jade is commonly known as a good luck charm. Furthermore, many witches will wear this particular crystal on their left wrist as they believe this attracts blessings from the forces of the universe. Jade also is thought to promote clarity of mind and wisdom, once again being perfect for summatives or exam season or simply day-to-day life in the IB program.


3. Amethyst

Apart from being commonly thought of as the prettiest crystal out there, amethyst is also incredibly handy to have around. This particular mineral is attributed to the reduction of anxiety, promotion of good sleep and reduction of headaches – which practically fulfills 50% of an IB student’s needs. Many spiritual individuals also claim that placing amethyst near your bed or place of rest will bring pleasant dreams (perfect for the student with stress-induced nightmares… definitely not speaking from experience). Before you go out and buy yourself a chunk of amethyst, beware that it also is known to promote spirituality, so if you suddenly become interested in wiccan practices don’t say you weren’t warned. 


4. Sodalite

Often referred to as the “logic stone”, sodalite is attributed to clearing the mind by creating a calming energy – perfect for late night Extended Essay writing sessions. This particular stone also encourages one’s abilities of analysis, intuition, observation and (listen up IB Art students!) creativity. Moreover it also strengthens self-discipline, efficiency and organization, features which are not only beneficial in IB life, but also make it this particular author’s favorite.


5. Black Tourmaline

This final crystal is often attributed to absorbing bad energy and eliminating toxicity, which is great for any high school student. But, if the source of all the toxicity in your life is the IB program, you are unfortunately on your own – the crystal can only do so much. Similarly to the crystals mentioned above, black tourmaline promotes wisdom, stability as well as peace of the heart and mind, which are features every IB student clearly craves. Interestingly, many spiritual individuals claim that black tourmaline is unique in the way it can be used to protect the owner against negative effects of electromagnetic radiation.


Overall, crystals can be a wonderful tool for personal improvement, even if the effects are solely caused through suggestion. However, it is important to remember that before buying any crystals, the Talon recommends doing external research on how to properly cleanse each of them and on if the particular mineral you have purchased is toxic in water, in contact with certain products or to animals, depending on your lifestyle and where you plan to take the crystal. Unfortunately, the crystal market is saturated with unethical sources, which tend to be complicated to avoid, however there are some ways to remedy this issue. Although this method is not foolproof, it’s always a good idea to purchase crystals from small stores or markets where you can ask a vendor or owner how the product is sourced. That said, the Talon wishes you the best of luck in both your spiritual endeavors and your IB journey.


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