The Talon

Chiara Sitchin

Chiara Sitchin (Features Writer)

Status: 11th Grader, 3rd year at the Talon, 9th semester at Graded

Occupation(s): Crappy ballerina, obsessive book nerd, writer, IB student, ex-talon artist

Fatal Flaw: Inability to shut up (specially when talking about her dogs)

Kryptonite: That one scene from The Goblet of Fire where Molly Weasley hugs Harry

Partner in Crime: Anita Benito, Features buddy

Aspiration: To reach Janice from Friends level of greatness (oh my GAWD)

Blood Type: Her mom forgot...

Weapon of Choice: Very hard, very sweaty pointe shoes 

Species: Boring human (ew)

Chiara Sitchin, Features Writer

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Chiara Sitchin