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Tomas Etlin, Features Writer

First-year Talonista Tomas, a.k.a “the tall guy” from the up and coming sophomore class, has somehow magically become a writer for The Talon this year. Thanks to some luck and a smidge of nepotism, the overly competitive and sometimes obnoxiously opinionated Tomas will be your most humble yet obnoxiously cocky 4th writer of the Features section. It isn’t hard at all to find Tomas at school; he’s probably at the main gym destroying his small classmates (who have never had a proper practice in their lives) in basketball. Maybe he’ll be at his hallway unsuccessfully flirting with girls and coming off as too direct (Tomas might struggle with social boundaries at times.)  Or maybe he’ll just be towering over his already tall friends while walking through the hallways and saying hi to all the people he sees because he’s simply the most extroverted yet introverted guy you’ll meet. something else you should know about Tomas is that he has a twisted passion for arguing the “unarguable”. If you ever need a guy to write you an essay on how the declaration of independence was not justified or how the bill of rights was a murderous plot, you know who to call (based on true facts.) Tomas has a secret passion for writing and is surely very excited to explore fresh ideas and topics for Features this year.

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Tomas Etlin