Vacation Postcard: Welcome to Portorosso!


The ocean waves hug Portorosso. This seaside town is filled with life. People stream by to order ice cream, while kids play outside and conversation echoes throughout the village. The atmosphere here is relaxed and ready to invite you to visit its beautiful sights, people, and surroundings. Portorosso is ready for you to spend your holidays with friends, family and whoever wants to have a good time in the Italian Riviera. Meanwhile, in the nearby ocean, a whole different world awaits you beneath the surface; sea monsters are a part of this village too, living a joyful life with their own plants, houses, and underwater villages.

To embark on this journey, simply hop on Disney+ and enjoy this beautiful movie. If you are a fan of vacationing, then Disney Pixar’s Luca provides you with the perfect opportunity to explore Portorosso without even leaving the house. Directed by Enrico Casarosa, this fairytale is all about adventure. One day when swimming, sea monster Luca becomes curious about the town that’s just around the corner.  With the help of other characters such as Alberto, his sea monster buddy, and Giulia, a resident of the town, the protagonist embarks on an adventure to discover the culture and people of this charming town. Portorosso also has incredible architecture. This town has houses, streets, bicycles and ice cream shops that will make you fall in love with Italy. 

While on break, I found myself immersed in this beautiful movie. Not only does Portorosso seem like an incredible place to be but it is also the perfect relaxation spot. Luca, Alberto, and Giulia remind you to take a break and rewind during vacation. Whether you want to relax in the sunshine or ride a Vespa with Alberto and Luca while you are in your living room, one thing is guaranteed: this movie will be a fun time for you to enjoy while on break!