Step through to the random unknown

“This is only the beginning of your journey behind The Secret Door – Step through it again to be taken somewhere new.”

This is the line that greets you when you visit The Secret Door site. To put it simply, The Secret Door is an interactive program with the homepage consisting of a single door. All you have to do is click and it will transport you to a location at random. But it’s not just any location. Whether it be the Kegon Falls or the Grand Canyon, you get to explore really beautiful places, little pockets of wonder that have been tucked away into the crooks and crannies of the world. You also get to explore the spaces no one ever really thinks about, like a Toyota automobile display in Japan. Although the result isn’t always gorgeous (at one point, you will inevitably end up looking at a picture of random people in Miami Turkish Baths), it’s definitely worth it. You never know where you might end up.