Debate celebrates

Last Friday, the Debate Club celebrated its seniors, saying goodbye to veteran debaters Pooja Singhi, Paty Kim, Annie Groth and Philip Fama. The event was full of chatter and food, the table decorated extensively with a combination of pizza, sushi, homemade cookies and even Cold Stone ice cream cake. There were toasts to seniors with memories of past debates and tournaments and sentimental speeches about the seniors’ contributions to the club, the community, and Graded itself.

The event was sponsored by GEE (Graded Entrepreneurial Enterprise), which is currently led by Sammi Gistren, Rafael Regis, Gabriel Civita and Michael Borger. GEE is well-known in the community for its successful initiatives such as Candy Grams, Mario Kart, and FIFA tournaments. Through GEE’s generous funding,  the Debate Club was able to celebrate some of its most cherished community members. Best of luck to the graduating seniors in their future endeavours!