Senior prediction corrections

The Talon would like to apologize for two errors in the recently published senior edition of the print magazine. Sruthi Viswanathan’s “In 20 Years” prediction was not included, and an early draft of Renata Sayão’s prediction was printed instead of the final version. Both of these predictions are below. Again, we apologize to Sruthi and Renata for the mistakes.

Sruthi Viswanathan: Having finally decided which college she would attend, Sruthi fell upon her indecisiveness once again when deciding what major to go after. To everyone’s surprise, she chose film, and upon gaining a master’s degree she set about her grand dream – to make film versions of well-written crossover fan fiction. Her current project,Avengers versus Attack on Titan, is underway, with Tyler Posey as Eren, Crystal Reed as Ymir, and Tom Felton as Captain America (with the help of lots of special effects) – casting choices which got her quite the number of messages on her tumblr.

Renata Sayão: After moving to New York to study at Barnard College, Renata soon became the city’s new Carrie Bradshaw, blogging about love, fashion, and, of course, neuroscience. Her blog became so popular that, soon enough, no woman in the Big Apple could survive any social occasion without her knowledge of dating, the latest spring trends, and the hypothalamus. After receiving so much attention, Renata decided to take some time off for herself and until recently has been hiding out in her apartment with her stash of ‘80s movies.