Deciding on Brazil’s future

Next month Brazilian citizens face a major election, deciding between several presidential candidates. After the upsetting death of candidate Eduardo Campos, former Environmental Minister and Campos’s running mate, Marina Silva stepped in and took over as the presidental candidate for PSB (Partido Socialista Brasileiro). She has been gaining voters, and, according to recent polls, many who were previously undecided have now decided Marina would be the better candidate. However, a substantial number of voters are still on President Dilma’s side. Polls suggest that most of São Paulo appears to have decided to vote for Aécio Neves of PSDB (Partido da Social Democracia Brasileira), a result of being unsatisfied by Dilma’s four years in office. In just a few weeks, on October 5, the first round of voting will occur, and we will have a better idea of who Brazilians think is the best option for their country’s future.