Marvelous adventures in Salvador

For last week’s High School trip, sophomores made their way to Salvador, Bahia. The colorful streets, rich culture, and magnificent food (such as tapioca) made for an exceptional trip. Naturally, there were a few ups and downs, especially during the whale watching, when some groups spent 3-4 hours trying to locate whales, while others had more beach time (something that became a huge debate among students). The time with Olodum was undoubtedly everyone’s favorite, either taking part in the instrumental section or learning the dance. The class also went to the famous Terreiro where they learned about a different style of living and religion. The class was divided into three groups, focused on dancing, cooking, and weaving; each group felt quite satisfied with their new experiences. Overall, the trip was amazing. It was a time for students and teachers to get to know each other better, in an extraordinary place.