An interview with two Graded SP-MUN chairs

Before I start, I would like to thank Aron Chi and Julia Saliba, two Graded seniors who worked as chairs at SP-MUN, for their willingness to participate in the interview. I highly appreciate your promptness and bluntness with answering the questions. Now, for the interview:


What motivated you to do MUN?

Aron: MUN is a chance to interact with real problems around the world and a chance to practice and showcase one’s ability to speak fluently in front of a large crowd.

Julia: Rina.


What do you like best about MUN?

Aron: You have to be cunning if you want to insult or harshly criticize another country.

Julia: BRAMUN (The Brazilian Model United Nations conference held in Mid-March in Salvador).


To what extent do you think MUN can apply to real-life?

Aron: The knowledge attained from MUN can allow a person to be highly aware of the issues around the world. Also, it’s great “cocktail party” material.

Julia: Problem-solving and thinking quickly.


Favorite committee you’ve ever been in as a chair or delegate?

Aron: Political

Julia: Political


How would you define MUN in your own words?

Aron: “Mock” United Nations (Mock as in make fun of the real UN).

Julia: Debate of controversial topics that we deal with today.


If a delegate presents an absurdly facetious resolution, how would you react?

Julia: As a chair I would not accept the resolution if it goes against the committees rules.


Best way to get on your good side?

Aron: I fly solo.

Julia: Nutella.


Favorite motion or point?

Aron: Motion to table the resolution without a vote.