MUN interviews with advisers

Mr. Collins from Graded School:

What do you think of the conference so far?

“I’m very pleased with how it’s going, several of the MUN advisers have said how much they appreciate it, it’s very professional, and everyone is taking it very seriously. Things are going surprisingly well.”

 What are you looking forward to?

“The secretary general banging the gavel down and saying SPMUN has officially ended.”

 How do you think the Graded students are doing?

“I’ve been very pleased. They’ve been serious, they appear as prepared as any other school, and I’ve had the pleasure of walking in on many of the committees and they’re the ones up at the podium or they’re the ones asking point of information. So they’re really taking a leap”

 If you could do anything differently, would you?

“Strengthen the wifi connection in the cafeteria, try and do a more proactive job recruiting Middle School students for being note passers, and somehow figuring out how to have gotten the student center for our meals.”


Gracina Holmes representing the American School of Brasilia:

What do you think of the conference so far?

“It’s quite well organized. Although the distance from the committees could be a little bit closer for the advisers. Because when you bring a huge group, like I brought 33 students, it’s quite far away to go from one committee to another committee. But it’s still very well organized, the topics are very good, and I think the kids are quite involved. It has been a very good experience for the young ones. I have a number of 9th graders , and I am very impressed. This will teach and give them some experience for the next year.”

 What are you looking forward to?

“For the debate to not be so aggressive, but more based on diplomatic action. The delegate with the stronger country or a very radical country get quite aggressive. So, I think that out students have to think that UN is about a diplomatic solution, and not about tearing each other apart. I want the kids to realize, that we are here to negotiate and find real diplomatic solutions. I think this is very important.”

How do you think the students in your school have been doing?

“Well, I have a number of students that are participating very well, I’m very impressed. For some everything is new, their first time, but I still have a number that are doing very well.”


Jeff Shirk from the Escola Americana de Rio de Janeiro:

What do you think so far?

“It’s a very organized conference, I liked when we got here everybody was in the auditorium, you could see all the flags from all the different countries. The superintendent spoke and it was very exciting to be here.”

What are you looking forward to?

“I’m looking forward to a full day of really good debate. I’m looking forward to some passionate debate, in the different committees. I’m looking forward to the closing ceremony as well, and passing a lot of fruitful resolutions.”

How do you think your students have been doing?

“I think my students have been doing excellent. I’ve seen them drafting resolutions, I’ve seen them lobbying with other schools and delegates, I’ve seen them amending resolutions, and I’ve seen them very engaged. Even changing delegations last minute.”


Rochelle Sayler from Graded School:

What do you think of the conference so far?

“So far I’ve been really impressed with the number of students and their seriousness about the conference, I’ve seen send notes, I’ve seen them debate, and I’ve seen them stay on topic. That is impressive.”

What are you looking forward to?

“I think I’m looking forward to the students, what they learned from it, and I know that doesn’t come until a little bit later, but I love when I hear students that say ‘Oh, I did this and I’m so proud, I said this or I’m debating this’ later, so I really appreciated it and enjoyed that.”

How do you think the Graded students have been doing?

“I think they were doing excellent. I’ve seen them interact and talk not only in their groups but also with other people, I’ve seen them make their points known, I’ve seen them be respectful and kind and expressing their opinions and that’s really exactly what I want.”


Benjamin Vaughn from Chapel School:

What do you think of the event so far?

“Everything seems to be running well. It’s well organized, there’s been a lot of fruitful debate, everyone seems very focused, it’s looking good.”

What are you looking forward to?

“General assembly is always entertaining, seeing what crisis there is, see how people can go insane and whatnot.”

 How do you think the students from your school have been performing?

“They’re very well prepared, I’m satisfied. I’ve been talking to all of them. Especially the younger ones for 4 people this is their first conference. Involved, participating, and looking good.”