Are you ready for summer?

For most people, summer is the most anticipated season of all, especially here in Brazil as it’s known for amazing beaches. Here are a few thoughts about summer at Graded, as the season nears:

  1. Closed windows or opened windows in the classroom? Whichever one your teacher chooses during class, the heat will still be intense for the full 80 minutes. And that is despite the fans, which end up blowing hot air instead of giving us a refreshing breeze. So you want some relief? Wind really only comes on the rare occasion when an afternoon storm decides to hit—only extremes for you here in São Paulo! And you know it’s summer when you stand in the Student Center and can see heat waves on the field. Let’s not forget the humidity. Even though it’s been dry in São Paulo this year, humidity will still find a way to torment us.
  2. On the positive side, summer makes people happier—it’s as simple as that. Everyone is outside more, enjoying what there is to offer around them, smiling more. Health-wise, the season also means fewer sore throats, sneezes, and fevers, meaning fewer Graded people sniffling in class, desperate for tissues.
  3. It’s finally time to put on that summer outfit you’ve had stored since your trip to the United States last July. Yes, pull out those bright shorts and get ready for some immense heat waves. Summer calls for a different wardrobe in São Paulo.
  4. The height of summer happens during the long December-January vacation, so this makes for even better holidays, whether at the beach or pool, hanging out with friends, or traveling to new places. While many countries in the world associate the holidays with cold weather, we get to associate it with the sun. Spending the break in the sunshine is much more relaxing. Of course, the beaches are now more crowded than ever, but that just means more summer fun!