Serious about a series

Have you ever been obsessed with a TV show? Here are 10 things that may happen when your life revolves around a series:

  1. You make time for your show the day that it airs, even cancelling plans.
  2. You call a friend after watching the latest episode, or someone with a mutual love for the show. You have probably even forced other friends to start watching, too.
  3. You re-watch favorite episodes. You know lines of dialogue, facial expressions, and gestures.
  4. You sometimes find yourself acting like your favorite characters, yet you are still surprised when someone remarks on the resemblance.
  5. You are reminded of the show constantly. Advertisements and objects somehow makes you think of a scene or character. Pretty Little Liars fans will know exactly how important the letter A is as a reminder of the mysterious stalker.
  6. You become a little too excited when something important happens to your favorite characters, like when they realize they were meant for each other, but you knew it all along.
  7. You find yourself searching for cast interviews on the Internet, and you watch “behind the scenes” clips. You wonder what it would be like to be friends with the characters or actors.
  8. You know the theme song by heart. Every beat, every word.
  9. You feel miserable during holiday hiatuses, and you feel lost when the season ends, resorting to re-watching the previous season.
  10. Even if your friends mock your obsession, you know your love is true and good. And you’re proud of it.