Farewell first-semester sports

On November 25, Graded held the biannual Athletics Celebration, when athletes said good-bye to their seasons and teammates, and when seniors ended their high school basketball and soccer careers. The event included videos created by Vivian Aidukaitis and Julia Farhat, compiled from the Big 8, Little 8, and São Paulo tournaments. Each team also received twenty minutes to reminisce about their progress through the season. At the celebration coaches gave out the much-awaited MVP (Most Valuable Player) and the MIP (Most Improved Player) awards. To conclude the night, Sammi Gistren spoke on behalf of the seniors, and Mariana Delacqua spoke about SALT (Student Athletics Leadership Team). Now, we eagerly await next semester’s season, consisting of the softball, volleyball, futsal and cheer. Congratulations, athletes!

Julia Farhat
Vivian Aidukaitis