Holiday spirit?

As I walked down Avenida Paulista, looking at the Christmas decorations, I noticed how much Christmas unites people. The streets were crowded with people taking pictures in front of the Itaú building, where there is a huge Santa Claus. However, what caught my attention was not the bright lights or the green and red ornaments, but the people. As I passed a shopping center, I noticed a large number of homeless men on the streets with plastic containers waiting for donations, some even selling popcorn. Immediately, this scene took away all the holiday spirit I had felt. Christmas is about being grateful for what we have, and as I saw people walking by, ignoring the less fortunate, it broke my heart because the homeless are as human as we are. This is the time of year when the holiday spirit should unite us, so we should do more to help those in need. You can show your support by giving to organizations such as Teto, which work to help communities overcome poverty.