Graffiti at Graded

Throughout the week Graded has been hosting the talented street artist, Paulo Ito, who is known for his incredible graffiti around São Paulo. In the high school assembly on Tuesday, February 3rd, he talked about his work and in merely a few minutes at the end of his talk, he created a piece of art, an orange dog.

Paulo’s art conveys political and social issues in Brazil, demonstrating the difficult reality that many citizens live in. For example, one of his most famous pieces is of a crying, hungry child waiting for food; instead, a soccer ball is placed on his plate. Photos of this mural went viral in June, and it criticizes how the government invested so heavily in the World Cup, but not in better health and food programs. Throughout this week, Ito has been working with all the art classes on a graffiti mural that will be located on the Student Center stage wall, leaving Graded with an visual memory of his visit.