What do you want for Valentine’s Day?

As many of you may know, Valentine’s Day is upon us. The yearbook staff has been working all week to spread the love around school by adding emojis and lovable words around school for students to give to each other. The Talon has asked some Graded students a question: What is your ideal Valentine’s Day gift?


Marcella Abizaid: An ideal gift would be chocolates and a fluffy teddy bear. Oh, and him holding a heart-shaped sign written “I Love You.”

Martina Proano: Chocolate! Chocolate, for sure. Maybe to make it more romantic, heart chocolates. Who would prefer chocolates over roses? You can eat chocolate.

Isabella Bruder: I love music, so for me a vinyl or a CD. Even an iTunes card would be great.

Tamima Mourad: Roses, roses, roses, red roses. I love them!

Laura Schivartche:  My ideal Valentine’s Day gift is a bouquet of flowers. I know it’s cheesy, but it’s a sweet gesture, because 1) you know your partner’s favorite flower, and 2) it’s very valentine-y.