Jazzy Graded

Once again Graded hosted the annual Jazz Band Festival. Last week students from a number schools came together to share their passion for music. Both vocal and instrumental musicians had group workshops in which they developed their musical talents. About the vocal workshop, sophomore Isabella Bruder said,  “We had a singer from California come in and teach us things specific to jazz like scatting, tagging, laying back, and improvising. We also learned how to write blues, and at the end of the festival we showcased what we learned by singing some pieces in the final concert.”

Ninth grader Jenny Lee, who was part of the instrumental workshops commented, “We had different sessions, such as jazz theory classes in which we talked more specifically and deeply about how jazz works. I liked the way this was planned out because I felt like I was able to gain a much bigger perspective towards music in general, and I also got great tips from amazing professional players.” It seems that this year’s Jazz Festival was a success. Congratulations, teachers and students!