SAJMUN at Graded

Recently Graded School hosted its second SAJMUN conference, and one hundred students from Latin American schools attended. There were four committees: Environmental, Political, ECOSOC, and Security Council. About the conference, HS sophomore Julia Schulman commented, “Never have I been to an MUN conference where the delegates have been so professional and serious during committee. Every delegate spoke at least once and provided insightful information.” Not only did delegates learn more about the work of the United Nations, but they also were able to learn a little more about Brazilian culture, as there was a capoeira group that performed on the second day. SAJMUN’s main goal was to help prepare delegates for high school; given the quality of their work, it is safe to say that the participants are very prepared. Everyone spoke in committee, showing that they not only researched well, but they have passion for this activity. Who knows? Maybe even one of the delegates will be part of the United Nations in the future.