What are you getting your mother?

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Do you know what you’re getting yours? Don’t fret: The Talon has got you covered. Here are five ideas:

  1. The classic breakfast in bed. Who doesn’t enjoy that? Freshly made pão de queijo or pancakes. Don’t forget the coffee! Even on Mother’s Day, she needs her morning boost.
  2. Homemade gifts. Some mothers may like purchased gifts, but, even more, they would love a well-made portrait or a short Final Cut Pro movie about the family.
  3. Soap and candles. I know it sounds weird, but fancy soaps and candles that smell delicious around the house will make her happy. Plus, soap is very sanitary!
  4. A day at the spa. As much as we need a break during the final month of school, so do they. Remember that mothers are the ones who listen to us complain and comfort us when we cry. They deserve a break, too.
  5. Flowers, chocolates, and a card. Some moms insist they don’t want a gift. Trust me, it’s a trap! It just means she wants something simple. So flowers, chocolates, and a nice Mother’s Day card won’t do any harm.