Float Therapy

Credit: Floatguru / Creative Commons

Credit: Floatguru / Creative Commons

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Stress affects students either just as much or even more than others. As a cure, float therapy may be a good method to relieve stress. Float therapy is a process where you go inside a soundproof isolation tank and float in salt water at skin temperature for three hours. During this time, you see absolutely nothing, you only hear your own bodily sounds: your heartbeat, breath and GI tract. This might seem like a daunting experience to many, and could even lead to panic, but since the flotation tank contains dissolved Epsom salt, you float like a cork. You would feel like you’re in space, as this is probably the closest any human will ever get to a zero-gravity state on planet Earth. The main purpose of these float tanks are for meditation and relaxation. According to Time Magazine, studies have shown that this reduces blood pressure and levels of the stress hormone. Something still to be discovered is whether people who have psychiatric disorders such as depression and dysmorphia could gain from the therapeutic benefits of floating. You’re probably asking what other benefits float therapy offers in addition to relaxation. Some other benefits are increased motivation and freedom from phobia. Considering the high stress environment at Graded, why not give float therapy a try?

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