Ways to Cheer Yourself Up!

Too many summatives? Stress with the new grading system? Well, there are many ways to cope with stress and one of them can be reading a book. For example, you could read a book series and escape into a magical world, which would make you feel less alone (such as Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Legend, Series of Unfortunate Events, etc.). Or read some of Roald Dahl books since they are really funny and funky. What else? Get a coloring book and start coloring! It’s very therapeutic and gives a satisfying feeling of accomplishment when you’ve added colors to a black and white drawing. Instead of writing a to-do list, start writing what you have actually done, no matter how small it is. Some other ways that would help is to read inspirational quotes and write them somewhere clearly visible so that whenever you go somewhere you could re-read it and feel better. Not only that, but volunteering in shelters such as an animal shelter is great. Playing around with dogs and cats and receiving all the love and joy will make your day so much better! These activities are great for anyone who’s been going through a rough day, plus these will push back the feeling of worthlessness. Furthermore, there is a Buzzfeed article which shows 13 ways you may be accidently making yourself unhappy: link