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Jenny Lee

Jenny Lee , POV Writer

While she stumbles forward into her final year in High School, Hyun Jin (Jenny) Lee realizes the importance of time. She realizes life is too short to fill it with negative feelings and is rather insufficient to fill it with the overflowing positive thoughts and happiness she contains. As she ponders upon her own position in the society, what impact she made, makes, will make to the world, she intends to show Graded School a slip of her opinion in the POV section on topics varying from one's identity and culture to different philosophical concepts. She hopes her writing will open the minds of others to a new point of view, or maybe simply gain the agreement of others. Outside of her inner reflection shines her intricate mixture of an extrovert and introvert personality painted with a great passion for jazz music, basketball, indoor soccer, mind-blowing movies, top quality food, and deep conversations with her family, which includes her friends. She hopes to make the best out of her last year left at school, but knows that in order to do so, she first has to be on time for, well, everything in her life (Bonde, I promise I'm getting better).

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Credit: Creative Commons

Stop The Suffocation

Jenny Lee, Columnist
November 8, 2017
Source: Public Domain

Please, Laugh at Me

Jenny Lee, Features Writer
November 24, 2016
Unknown Stories Behind Your Back

Unknown Stories Behind Your Back

Jenny Lee, Features Writer
October 30, 2016
Credits: Public Domain

Missing Your Train

Jenny Lee, Features Writer
September 29, 2016
Credits: Lars Lindberg Christensen via Wikimedia Commons / Creative Commons

The Solar System is a Pancake.

Jenny Lee, Blogger
November 12, 2015

What’s New in Apple 2015

Jenny Lee, Blogger
October 19, 2015
Cred: Saniya Joshi


Jenny Lee, Blogger
September 3, 2015
Credit: IAEA Imagebank

In Search of New Resolutions

Jenny Lee, Blogger
August 24, 2015
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