Cred: Saniya Joshi

Delegates were engaged and passionate in their arguments, showing full knowledge of their topics by giving great evidences, opinions, and data to prove and support their points. GMUN 2015 was a complete success thanks to the MUN leadership team and advisors. Here are some different quotes and impressions from this year’s GMUN.


Ye Jin On (Delegate): “GMUN was a short but inspirational conference where all the delegates were able to engage themselves with a current event. I was extremely worried that I might make a mistake and people would judge me. However, everyone was welcoming me, and I felt great!”


Saniya Joshi (MUN Leader): “I thought that GMUN 2015 was a very successful conference held at Graded, especially for the new delegates! In my committee, everyone spoke at least once and I was so happy to see people helping each other out in order to make the atmosphere less daunting and more interactive.”


Fernando Martins (Honorable Mention in ECOSOC): “GMUN was a great experience. It provided me with an opportunity to learn about my dynamic world and develop my public speaking and critical thinking abilities. It was great to put myself in another country’s perspective, in my case Russia, and see things the way they do. Not only that, but I also made some new friends throughout the conference, which was great!”




Emma Gonzalez (Delegate): “I felt that GMUN was very fun and very interesting. I enjoyed being able to learn about something new that I had never known before.”


Daniel Felberg (Delegate): “I got two warnings, but I still had a ton of fun. Why I got the warnings you ask? Well, let’s just say things got “Syria-s””