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Guilherme Guerreiro
As his second year being a writer for the entertainment section, Guilherme feels as if life has given him a chance of redeeming himself after all the horrible jokes he presented to The Talon last year as a sophomore. Sadly, people have heard him muttering “don’t get your hopes up” under his breath when he is confronted about it, creating despair amongst his fellow colleagues, editors, and teachers, since they’ll be subjected yet again to a barrage of puns regarding birds in The Talon board meetings that are more than a bit “hawk”ward. Other than causing dismay amongst anyone unfortunate enough to be present when he decides to tell one of his original gags, Gui enjoys diving headfirst into bodies of water, consuming niche entertainment as well as products derived from them, obsess over a random, irrelevant topic to the point of physical and emotional exhaustion, and finally, as most juniors tend to wholeheartedly love, the divine privilege of sleep.


Guilherme Guerreiro, Entertainment Writer

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Guilherme Guerreiro