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Anna Santos, Entertainment Writer

Anna is new at The Talon and is very excited to start writing articles for the entertainment section. She believes she will be a great addition to the entertainment section because she never leaves her phone, really like never, therefore is updated on every news item in the industry. From TikTok drama to new movies she knows everything. The 2021/2022 school year will be her fourth year at Graded, she joined as an eighth grader in 2018 and is now a junior. She believes 11th grade will be a big challenge especially because of her chosen IB courses (she doesn't really believe she will survive) but she will try to make it as smooth as she can! You can usually find Anna crushing over an actor and crying about fictional characters that she will never get to marry because, um, they're not real… she also has become quite a successful business woman through her, now deactivated (RIP gobiie), slime account and new lip gloss business. Anna is very excited to share her opinions and news this upcoming year, and if you don't read her articles she will haunt you at night :)


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Anna Santos