Fish Fighter II: Underwater Warrior

Let’s face it, fish are boring pets. All they do is float around and eat their bland little pellets of food. You probably had one when you were younger after nagging your parents incessantly about it until they finally succumbed. And if you were like us, you probably forgot about the little gilled guy.

But fish are tired of being forgotten, and over the last four days, two fish have been clashing in an epic battle that will surely secure their place in history. Software developer Andrew Hill is the man behind all of this, using simple motion-tracking technology, an SNES emulator and of course the stars of the show Aquarius and Robert the Bruce.

The Twitch stream, where the fish “play” classic fighting games like Street Fighter II, has attracted over 500,000 unique viewers since it started on August 18 and even received a sponsorship from Always Godlike, a professional fighting-game team. We here at Talon Blog hope that Robert and Aquarius keep their fighting clean and don’t do anything fishy.