A look back at SPMUN

SPMUN may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean that the students that participated can’t look back and reflect on the experiences they had. We took the opportunity to ask a few Graded students about their experiences at MUN.

“I really enjoy meeting different people from other schools.” —Lorenza Colagrossi, Delegate

“I really like to represent a country that I have no connections to, and to understand the topic from their point of view and others. It is always interesting to learn in-depth about a country. Also, it is very fun to argue with conviction on a topic from a point of view that you might not agree with. I’ve enjoyed being the delegate of North Korea and justifying its position with elaborate anti-Western vocabulary.” —Jack Conway, Delegate

“I like to see the real-life applications of what we do at MUN and how that can one day shape the world we live in.” —Luiza Valim, Chair