The drought continues in São Paulo

As citizens of São Paulo, we are likely all aware of the ongoing drought here. The city is currently running just above 15% of the entire system’s capability, with some sections going down to 5.3%. The state secretary of water resources, Mauro Arce, stated that if the situation continues at this rate by November 21, the Sistema Cantareira—which provides water to nearly seven million people—would completely run out.

The drought, the worst to hit the area in 84 years, is starting to take a geographical toll also. The Piracicaba river, which the Tietê river’s biggest tributary, has started to run dry. The consequences could increase at a dire rate, and may be caused by forces we can’t really control. It may sound like a clichéd PSA, but now is the time for everyone to seriously reassess their day-to-day water consumption, at least until the situation becomes stable again.