The sword, mightier than the pen?

Through the ages, human beings have found increasingly complex ways to settle disputes: war, diplomacy, sanctions, and so on. However, Polish prince Janek Żyliński believes that there is no better way to reach an accord than with an old-fashioned sword duel. In a YouTube video the aristocrat challenges Nigel Farage, leader of UK Independence Party, requesting that they “meet in Hyde Park one morning, with our swords, and resolve this matter.” Mr Żyliński justifies his challenge as a stance against Polish discrimination in the United Kingdom.

Such discrimination is not unheard of, and has been on the rise in the past few years. This is likely due to many conservative politicians opting not only for tighter immigration laws but almost encouraging discrimination. Farage has issued a response to Janek Żyliński’s challenge, and it seems that the this duel will go unfought. The discussion of discrimination in the UK should be had, but perhaps there are better ways of going about it.