World Cup stadia finally finished

No fewer than ten months after the conclusion of the massive competition, two World Cup stadia were finally finished. The Arena Corinthians, called Arena de São Paulo during the tournament and host of the opening ceremony and a semi-final, was finalized after glass panels were added to its roof. The project left Corinthians, which owns the arena, unable to collect revenue due to having to pay off construction costs. The Arena da Baixada in Curitiba added a retractable roof, the inclusion of which had been previously cancelled altogether due to safety concerns.

Brazil invested an astounding three billion dollars on stadia construction, which was met with heavy criticism from the general population; with tensions rising and culminating in several protests. It seems that the various construction projects for the 2016 Summer Olympics, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro, might meet a similar fate as only 11% of the renovations and constructions have been completed so far.